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Personal Budgets - A Lived Experience

Author: Hestia

Hestia is a charity, working together with adults and children in crisis to change their lives at the times when they most need help. Hestia have supported people with Personal Budgets for  five years through their personalisation services in Richmond, Newham and Wandsworth.

This report, published in July 2016, looks at both the strengths and challenges of holding a Personal Budget.

Hestia write in the introduction:

The people who use our services have agreed that the growing use of Personal Budgets has been a positive step in social care and told us that they value its core principles. They have highlighted that, to an extent, they are being given more choice and control and are able to access tailored care and support.

However, our research has found that these reforms have not always met expectations. A limited market, operational barriers and absent or conflicting information has prevented our clients from consistently utilising all the opportunities Personal Budgets could offer.

Through the use of case studies, interviews, focus groups and survey data, our research has identified eight key findings, each with corresponding recommendations aimed at Local Authorities and third sector organisations similar to Hestia. Though our recommendations are directed by the people with lived experience, our research is hot off the press and we welcome opportunities to develop our findings.

The publisher is Hestia.

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