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People Centred Public Health

Authors: Jane South, Judy White and Mark Gamsu

Changes in the NHS are creating opportunities to work in different ways with local communities and People Centred Public Health argues for far greater involvement of members of the public in the delivery of health improvement.

This book draws on a major study of lay engagement in public health, led by Leeds Metropolitan University, using case studies and real-life examples to provide an overview of policy, practice and research in this area.

Professor Jane South, one of the authors, commented: 

Public health often gets a bad name because it is seen to be about telling people how to live their lives. This event is about a different sort of public health – where people are listened to and have opportunities to play a part alongside services in improving health for themselves, their families and communities. The research we do at Leeds Metropolitan University shows that there are big benefits when people play an active part as volunteers and community health workers.

Other reviewers have said:

Acknowledging citizens are part of the solution, not the problem, could lead to a 21st century flourishing of Public Health as important as the first one in the 19th century. Trevor Hopkins, Asset Based Consulting & co-author of 'A glass half-full'

Participation is essential to health promotion action and people have to be at the centre of decision-making processes for it to be effective. This book offers a valuable, critical and timely analysis as government policy develops on active citizenship. Jane Wills, Professor of Health Promotion, London South Bank University

People Centred Public Health is available to buy here.

The publisher is Policy Press.

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