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Model Development

Model Development is one of the keys to innovation and improvement in the welfare state is the development of models which can be tested and improved. This requires a commitment to both increased flexibility and the use of empirical data.


The four phases of model development require:

  • Development of models - which can then be championed by local leaders
  • Implementation of models - in the light of legal and economic realities
  • Understanding the real impact of the model - evaluated in the light of principles of social justice
  • Improving the model - adapting the model within legal and policy constraints

Of course the conditions for innovation are therefore constrained by:

  • space left by legal structures
  • authority given to leaders
  • transparency of data
  • understandings of right and wrong 

It is this approach to change which underpins the work of the Centre for Welfare Reform and its fellows. Ethics must be combined with a real willingness to test, learn and adapt.

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