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Letters to the DWP

Author: Mo Stewart

Mo Stewart has been one of the leading independent disability researchers of the past few years. In particular Mo Stewart has documented the multiple unsavoury connections between the DWP and the US insurance giant Unum. Her work makes very clear that Government policies, presented as being based on factual evidence, are actually based on ideological prejudices, without any empirical base.

Not only has Mo Stewart written widely on this topic, she has also written to several Government ministers asking them to answer a range of serious questions on these issues. However, she has failed to get any adequate response. This exchange is interesting not only because it explodes many of the ongoing injustices currently being imposed on sick and disabled people; but it also reveals the desperate efforts and evasions used by public servants, not to serve the public, but to help hide politicians from public scrutiny.

A DWP official responded to several letters from Mo Stewart.

Read Mo Stewart's response to the DWP official here.

Mo Stewart's letter to Sarah Newton MP is available to read here and her letter to Penny Mordaunt MP is available here.

Letters to the DWP © Mo Stewart 2018.



Mo Stewart

Mo Stewart


State Crime by Proxy

State Crime by Proxy

In this paper Mo Stewart continues her research into the links between the DWP, Atos Healthcare & Unum Insurance.

Deleted BBC News Item on Unum

Deleted BBC News Item on Unum

In 2007 the BBC reported on the influence that a US insurance company was having on UK policy, in 2010 this item was deleted from BBC archives.

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Mo Stewart argues that the current reforms of the welfare state were inspired by bogus research and the vested interests of US insurance firms.