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Launch of Scottish Campaign

The Scottish Campaign for a Fair Society was launched at a major event in Glasgow on the 15th April. In this speech Simon Duffy explained the unfairness of the government's plans and the way in which personalisation was in danger of being distorted as cover for cuts in public spending.

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Unfair Cuts in Detail

Unfair cuts in Detail

The current social care system in the UK is deeply unfair and needs reforming; however current efforts by Central Government seem self-defeating.

Self-Directed Support is a Scottish Innovation

SDS is a Scottish Innovation

Simon Duffy explores the Scottish roots of SDS or self-directed support.

Citizenship & the Fair Society

Citizenship & the Fair Society

Simon Duffy introduces the objectives of the Campaign for a Fair Society and the case for radical reforms of the current social care and welfare systems.

A Fair Society and the rights of disabled people

A Fair Society: rights

A presentation given at a meeting of the Sheffield Green Party and the Campaign for a Fair Society.