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Killed By The State? Social Policy Abused

As a conclusion to her critically acclaimed Preventable Harm Project examining the causes and impact of the flawed Work Capability Assessment (WCA), Mo Stewart shares evidence demonstrating that the preventable harm of those in greatest need is government policy, and was adopted without ethical approval.

Mo Stewart is a healthcare professional by training, not an academic. She is also a disabled veteran of the (W)RAF medical branch. Mo has spent 10 years exposing the influence of corporate America on UK social policy reforms. These reforms include the introduction of the fatally flawed Work Capability Assessment, which aimed to limit access to out-of-work disability benefits.

A transcript of the talk is available here.

The webinar was recorded on 27th November 2020.



Mo Stewart

Mo Stewart


What Price Preventable Harm?

What Price Preventable Harm?

Mo Stewart summarises the conclusions of the Preventable Harm Project which examined the causes and impact of the flawed WCA.

Preventable Harm and the Work Capability Assessment

Preventable Harm and the WCA

Mo Stewart provides a brief overview of some of the most important elements in the development of a policy which is causing preventable harm to UK citizens.

US Corporate Influence on UK Welfare Reforms

US Influence on British Welfare Reforms

Mo Stewart has been researching the damage caused by welfare reform and the malign influence of US private insurance companies.

Influences and Consequences

Influences and Consequences

In the conclusion to the Preventable Harm Project Mo Stewart shows how US companies and right-wing ideology have savaged the lives of disabled people.