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Housebound Forums

One family have turned their experience of agoraphobia into a dynamic and exciting system of online support.

Housebound Forums is an online community for people who find themselves housebound for days, weeks, months or longer due to suffering from a condition or disability. The forum was inspired by a family's own experience of being housebound as Dav, the co-founder, suffers from agoraphobia and has been housebound for almost three years.

The site also has a dedicated carers section as we understand that carers can often find themselves isolated and lonely.

The forum has support from numerous organisations and has recently been added to the NHS Health A-Z pages for specific conditions. 

We are keen to build a family friendly and inviting community that is adapted to suit our users needs. We aim to provide users help, support, services and information to make their life easier

Registration for the site is free and includes 24 hour access, recipes, book clubs, quiz nights, competitions and more.