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Inequality and Poverty

Income inequality in the UK is very high and the incomes of the poorest are very low. In 2016 the poorest 6.5 million individuals lived on an average of £51 per week after tax, that's about £7 per day.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Graphic on Inequality and Poverty © Simon Duffy 2017.

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Poverty UK

Poverty UK

Simon Duffy explores the politics behind poverty in the UK today.

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Our Lives: Poverty in 2015

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The Politics of Poverty

Slides: The Politics of Poverty

In this presentation for an Anti-Poverty Conference organised by Bolsover CVP, Simon Duffy explores some of the myths about inequality and poverty in the UK.

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Listening Up to Poverty

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Exploring the Meaning of Poverty

Exploring the Meaning of Poverty

Poverty isolates and divides us. It leaves us thinking we are not good enough and we are too poor to spend time with friends or family writes Simon Duffy.