Submission on Social Security 2016

Authors: The Centre for Welfare Reform & Ekklesia

The UK Liberal Democrats party invited the Centre for Welfare Reform to make a submission to its policy making process. In partnership with colleagues at Ekklesia the Centre submitted the following proposals. 

In outline the paper argues significant progress can be made if the Liberal Democrats commit themselves to:

  • Abandoning Universal Credit and embracing the principles of Universal Basic Income
  • Replacing ESA with Basic Income Plus
  • Radical reform of housing policy
  • Systematically reducing income inequality
  • Introducing constitutional reforms to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality
  • Shifting power to citizens, families and communities

We look forward to seeing what policies will emerge from their policy-making process.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Submission on Social Security 2016 © Centre for Welfare Reform and Ekklesia 2016.

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