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Always look on the bright side

Author: Dr Lynne Friedli

The emergence of ‘asset based’ approaches to address poverty and other social problems has been welcomed by many. However, what are the implications of this new focus for our understanding of poverty and its solutions? 

In this article, published in Issue 14 of the Scottish Anti Poverty Review, Lynne Friedli takes a critical look at the idea and asks whether we may be overlooking the real sources of poverty and inequality in Scotland.

There is a grave danger that asset-based thinking is simply a refusal to address the real causes of poverty.

The publisher is the Poverty Alliance.

Always look on the bright side: the rise of assets based approaches in Scotland © Lynne Friedli 2011.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this paper may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews.



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