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Active Patient

At the launch of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Vidhya Alakeson of the Resolution Foundation and a Harkness Fellow spoke about Active Patient: the real power shift to citizens in the NHS.

The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

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Active Patient

Active Patient

Vidhya Alakeson's Policy Paper sets out the case for extending the principles of self-direction, and in particular the use of individual budgets, to many areas of health care.

Introduction to the Centre

Introduction to the Centre

Dr Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform describes the purpose and design of the Centre at its Westminster launch in March 2011.

About the Centre for Welfare Reform

About Centre for Welfare Reform

Fellows of the Centre for Welfare Reform discuss social justice, citizenship and the reason for setting up the Centre.

Prospects for Radical Welfare Reform

Prospects Radical Welfare Reform

Phillip Collins, Leader Writer for The Times, Chair of DEMOS and ex-Speech Writer for Tony Blair, reflects on the complexity of welfare reform.