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21st Century Beveridge

Authors: Jon Glasby, Simon Duffy & Catherine Needham

A Beveridge report for the 21st century? The implications of self-directed support for future welfare reform

This paper was written as part of the shared work of The Centre for Welfare Reform and The University of Birmingham. It is an argument for a radical rethink of the whole of the current welfare system. 

The authors argue that the time is right to challenge deep and long-standing patterns of paternalism and privilege which dominate the current design of the welfare state. The development of self-directed support and other similar innovations demonstrates the power of shifting our focus from top-down solutions to the solutions generated by citizens, families and communities.

This paper summarises some of the more detailed thinking to be found in the joint policy papers that are also available on this site.

Read and download the free pdf in your browser here.

The publisher is The Policy Press.

A Beveridge report for the 21st Century? © Jon Glasby, Simon Duffy and Catherine Needham 2011.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this paper may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher except for the quotation of brief passages in reviews.