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The Centre for Welfare Reform is an independent professional publisher focused on promoting social justice and citizenship for all. There are several ways in which we help share information:

  1. Books - publications for print or electronic sales
  2. Reports - detailed research work
  3. Articles - essays suitable for journals
  4. Guides - practical advice and information
  5. Discussion Papers - longer essays or thought-pieces
  6. Accessible Info - communicating important information clearly
  7. Infographics - graphics containing statistical or conceptual information
  8. Movies & Sound - multimedia resource
  9. Blogs - text essays published online
  10. Hosting - sharing useful resources, published elsewhere, with permission

We also provide co-publishing options for organisations who need a professional publisher. If you would like to publish your work with us please contact Simon Duffy, Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform.

Unless otherwise stated all our publications are fully copyright protected. Full details of our copyright restrictions are available here. Unless otherwise stated we assign copyright to the primary author(s) on the basis that the author has given their permission to The Centre for Welfare Reform. The rights of the author are protected and if there is any commercial agreement this is specified in a contract with The Centre for Welfare Reform.