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Karen Senior

Karen Senior

Karen has a background in supporting people with disabilities, working for provider services and in development roles across a variety of sectors. Recently she has been involved in innovative work around supporting people who have mental health challenges to direct their own support and is currently supporting the development of innovative preventive supports.

Karen is passionate about how much energy and resources peers and communities bring. With a grounding in real person centered working Karen’s main focus is working with people to explore the difference that positive conversations and relationships can make to people’s lives. 

She believes that these are key to people starting the journey of taking control and contributing to their world, as well as being an essential part of changing the culture within our public systems.

Karen works with many people and organisations that inspire her and has met many people and families that have taught her so much. One of these organisations is All Together Positive who are a 100% user led not for profit organisation of people who are experts in the area of emotional health and wellbeing.

Karen has a diagnosis of Bi-Polar 1. She feels lucky that she has had limited contact with services which saddens her. There have always been good people in her life who have supported her and given her hope.

Karen lives in a beautiful part of the world near Barnsley with her partner Martin. She loves to be at home and enjoys the simple things in life like fish and chips and a lovely cup of tea.