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The Centre for Welfare Reform was set up in 2009 in order to encourage the reform of the welfare state, including the NHS, local government and the tax and benefit system. 

Dr Simon Duffy, the Director of the Centre, says:

The welfare state is a good thing - but it needs redesigning. It does not help people take control of their own lives or make the best of themselves. It is dominated by Whitehall, with too much bureaucracy, waste and unfairness. And it is particularly unfair to those who need the most help - they usually get the worst deal.

The Centre is totally independent of government and party politics. Instead, it is a flourishing network of over 80 independent Fellows who work with local people and communities in order to bring about positive change:

The Centre publishes its findings and ideas on its website: www.centreforwelfarerform.org

The Centre has already published many proposals for reform:

  • Integrating taxes and benefits into one simple system with a minimum income guarantee for everyone.
  • Overhauling the current system of health and social services and replacing it with a system that gives people control of their own care.
  • Changing the system for disabled children so that families are in control from the very beginning.
  • Giving local communities much more power over their own destiny, including the planning and the organisation of local services.
  • Supporting local organisations to provide support to people who get caught up with crime, drugs or become victims of domestic violence.

For press or media enquiries call Simon Duffy: +44 7729 7729 41

Contact our Fellows by following the links on their profile pages in the Fellows listing.