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The Fellowship is an international community of individuals who work together to bring about positive social change.

Fellows are people who:

  • Believe in the equality of all human beings and the value of human diversity
  • Innovate and try to bring about positive social change
  • Support the work of The Centre for Welfare Reform
  • Share what they have learned so others can benefit too

We support Fellows by:

  • Giving a website profile
  • Sending out regular information
  • Helping Fellows connect
  • Sharing work opportunities
  • Organising meetings and events
  • Allowing people to declare their Fellowship (see logo below)

How it works:

  1. Fellowships are lifetime awards: they are free, they are not contracts, they do not bring any rights, responsibilities or liabilities with them. 
  2. Fellowships are just for you as an individual: your Fellowship will remain with you wherever you work.
  3. You can stop being a Fellow at any time.
  4. We reserve the right to terminate Fellowships at any time if someone behaves in a way which is unethical.

Fellows logo: