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Liam Toner

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Liam Toner

Liam is a Support Planner based in Sheffield who helps people to create their own person centred support plans. He has been looking into the motivations behind the self-directed support agenda and whether professional planners and brokers are the most empowering method for people to take control. His motivating belief is that people who use support services can make good decisions for themselves and services should trust people to do so.

Liam began his career in adult social care as a support worker in a residential home. He was struck by how disempowering it was for the people he was working for. He wanted to help people take back their right to make decisions for themselves and saw support planning as a way to do that.

Liam is on the Management Committee of Speaking Up For Advocacy, a Sheffield based peer support advocacy charity for adults with learning disabilities. He also volunteers for Art in the Park, a community arts charity that works to engage excluded communities through creative workshops and events.

Liam lives in Sheffield with his partner Cassie surrounded by a group of amazing friends. He spends his spare time on his bicycle or discussing the problems of the world over a good pint.