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Veena Vasista

Veena Vasista

Veena has a mantra: Life is a collective creative process. Living together in ways that are healthier and more regenerative requires that we see and connect differently with our selves, each other and our creative process. Veena is a freelancer supporting social changemakers (whatever your sector) to step consciously into our creative power – individually and collectively.

To do this she offers:

  • one-to-one sessions - to help you resolve conflict and/or expand your creativity and confidence with a project, an issue, a professional relationship.
  • be-spoke group workshops - to help towards opening up perspectives on a particular issue. 
  • narrative mapping - to guide your journey into the world of meaningful culture change, using a distinct form of individual and group sessions.

Veena believes that creating different communities (work, family, school, neighbourhoods, etc) means working with the beauty and the beast in all of us. She knows from experience that meaningful change requires experiment, patience and trust. She is highly sensitive to the vulnerability involved in creating change – in opening up the creative process.

Veena's primary tools are dialogue, storytelling, writing and reflection to fuel insight, inspiration and integrity. She uniquely integrates into her work her experience as a community mediator.

Veena is currently living nomadically, basing herself in the US, the UK and Mexico. Individual work can be done via SKYPE. She is happy to travel for group work.

Veena blogs regularly at See and Connect. More information about Veena and her background can be found at My Story.