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Thomas Doukas

Thomas Doukas

Thomas is the Head of Inclusive Research & Involvement at Choice Support. His role is key, for the development of inclusive research and involvement, with the aim of improving the lifestyles of and citizenship for people with disabilities by influencing policy and strategy. 

Thomas has worked with people with learning disabilities for over 14 years focusing on research, active involvement and communication systems to ensure people with disabilities are involved in all aspects of the service provision and that they lead independent and fulfilling lives. The Involvement Team supports people with learning disabilities to develop and deliver a range of training and information sessions delivered to other disabled people or their supporters. 

Other work includes supporting people to develop accessible information, implement the Reach Standards across the organisation, set up local and regional forums, design the annual satisfaction survey, developing participation strategies for people with disabilities and their families and friends, sourcing partnerships with external organisations, implementing the Health and Wellbeing strategy, amongst others. The team also provides a variety of consultancy and training solutions ranging from person centred thinking tools, support planning, speaking up, community mapping, sexual education, communication, peer tutoring, quality assurance, to mention but a few.

In his spare time Thomas is a linguist and researches how children acquire language at a very young age. He has teaching experience in a variety of universities in UK and he has presented his research in many international conferences. He is also the managing editor at Linguistics Unlimited.

Thomas loves reading and the theatre and the outdoors when it’s not raining (which is not very often in London!). Since last year he endeavoured to create a vegetable patch in the garden but he is still at the early stages of the designing process!