Simon Cramp

Simon Cramp

Simon is one of the co-founders of Self Direct and he works hard to try and promote the rights of disabled people at every opportunity. Simon has a learning difficulty himself, and he works with people with learning disabilities, to help them get the right support and information. 

Simon offers expert advice on all issues to do with learning disability and has extensive experience working as a consultant throughout the learning disability sector. He was an early member of the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities.

Simon has a great interest in politics and politicial structures and has always been keen to get involved to make things better. He has appeared in front of the joint select committee drafting the mental incapacity bill and was very involved in promoting Valuing People. He is an experienced chair and speaker, and was very involved in promoting access to ordinary housing. Simon has also been working closely with My Safe Home.

Simon is also a powerful advocate on making writings accessible and he worked for several years as a member of the advisory committee on older and disabled people for Ofcom. He has also worked at a senior board level for two major learning disability organisations. 

Simon has been an important advocate for personalisation and co-authored a key paper on supported decision-making with Simon Duffy in 2004. Simon lives in Chesterfield. His family is very important to him: especially his dad, two brothers and his sister.