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Rob Moriarty

Rob Moriarty

Rob Moriarty is a digital marketing & social care expert, entrepreneur and keynote speaker based in Leeds. He sustained a high level spinal cord injury in 1998 leaving him wheelchair-bound and completely dependent on 24 hour care. He returned to full time education, completing 3 A-Levels, followed by a Joint Honours degree from the University of Leeds. In 2004 he was one of the first undergraduates requiring 24 hour care to study abroad on the Erasmus program, spending 3 months in Germany.

Since 2005 he has lived independently managing his own team of carers and run a marketing consultancy. Rob regularly speaks about his unique health and social care experiences that have enabled him to live freely and run a successful business. He was a founder member of the Free To Live Leeds peer support group, whose members all manage their own care and share their experiences with a wide range of service providers and higher education institutions through Service User Involvement. In 2011 he joined the management board of Leeds Centre for Integrated Living, a support service for disabled and older people in Leeds wanting to control help they need with personal care and daily living tasks.

His business consulting and contacts have encouraged many organisations to adopt modern technology and marketing techniques to engage with users and improve their service. He also speaks regularly about his life experiences across many of these networks, including Disability Action Yorkshire, Leeds Involving People, Spinal Injuries Association, Attitude Is Everything, Assisted Living Leeds, Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card and Shaping Our Lives.

Rob’s business is now driving the innovation, development and marketing of a range of assistive technology products, enabling individuals to manage their own care more easily and live as independently as they choose. In 2010 Rob placed 6th in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year award and Free to Live Leeds was selected as a finalist in the Putting People First category of The Yorkshire and Humberside Great British Care Awards. If that wasn't enough, he's now combining all of his experience and knowledge into an autobiography, scheduled for release some time in 2016.

Follow Rob on twitter @robmoriarty