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Melanie O'Neil

Melanie O'Neil

Melanie is a hard working, enthusiastic mother and is very good at communicating with a varied audience. Melanie has a confident outlook in regard to societies learning and communicative difficulties that individuals could possibly acquire. She always tries to treat people as she would want to be treated, and thankfully this has rubbed off onto her children.

Melanie is a qualified nursery nurse and opted to train within a diagnostic nursery link with the Children's Hospital. Melanie is a MAKATON local tutor and both her children are very good at signing, she also has a BA (Hons) and last but by no means least ATB2. However, during her second year at university it was discovered that Melanie had dyslexia, though this has given her greater strength to succeed and never start anything that can be left unfinished.

Melanie now helps other families look at ways to encourage positive behaviour, access grants and find employment. She is active in many forums, organisations, and groups where she has also made some lovely friends.

Melanie loves seeing progress, and she feels very lucky to be living with her son Mark, a six foot young man, who reminds her of this every day and more so when they are out and about. Melanie has some brilliant friends, who have given her and her family support over the years. One of Melanie's favourite family moments was when her daughter used her social stories to help her brother Mark, and made up her own, all you could hear was laughter coming through Mark's monitor.

Melanie is very close to her children and feels her story is part of theirs; as theirs is part of hers and she would not alter a single day.