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Lindsay Tighe

Lindsay Tighe

Lindsay lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the founder of Inspirational Coaching and Better Questions. She is a highly regarded speaker, business woman, coach and author of seven books. Before finding her true passion in life, Lindsay worked for over 20 years in the corporate world, both in the UK and Australia. She had many leadership roles developing people skills and improving workplace cultures.

Her passion is teaching the skill of asking Better Questions to release human potential and she has developed various workshops and resources which are detailed on the website Better Questions. She has trained thousands of people in the in the Aged Care and Health sectors to support the implementation of the Enabling and Wellness approach as well as Self Management and Consumer Directed Care. She has published seven books, one of which is Better Health Professionals Ask Better Questions and she has also written a booklet specifically for Care workers called Caring Differently as well as having an App for iphones to provide a toolkit of Better Questions for Aged Care Professionals to use in practice.

More recently she has produced resources for Seniors (a booklet and cards) to enable them to build the mindset and capacity to manage their own wellbeing and her latest work I’m Old – Not Stupid is written for community groups and families of seniors to enable them to communicate in a more effective way with this age group.

Lindsay holds an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and regularly speaks at a variety of functions. She has also been appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show and has been featured in Women’s Day, Good Medicine, New Idea and the Qantas in flight magazine.