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Gloria Evans

Gloria Evans

Gloria works in the strategy, technology and business areas. Her main areas of interest are local and central government, education and business transformation and change.

In the 90s Gloria worked in the first new build City Technology College and became passionate about the transformational capabilities of focused personalised ICT in education. She was also involved in the Schools Online Project looking at the use of internet technolgies.

In 2003 Gloria wrote Implementing e-Government exploring the building of systems that embed personalisation techniques into the delivery of government services and included a fictitious medical services case study as an exemplar. Gloria has monitored activities since and is disappointed at the lack of progress in this area.

Recently Gloria was involved in the BSF programme. She was passionate about using the opportunity to empower students, teachers and create community hubs within the authorities that acted as much needed local support centres.

In the business area Gloria develops strategies and solutions that deliver personalised services across a range of sectors. Gloria has worked on promoting this philosophy both in the UK and Europe.

Gloria recently decided to go freelance and follow her passions working on interesting projects that make a positive impact in the personalisation area within local, central government and education areas.