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Dr Henry Tam

Dr Henry Tam

Dr. Henry Benedict Tam is a writer and educator, whose published books include Communitarianism: a new agenda for politics and citizenship (nominated by New York University Press for the 2000 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order); Against Power Inequalities: a short history of the progressive struggle; and dystopian novels such as Whitehall through the Looking Glass and Kuan's Wonderland.

He has been invited to speak on democratic and communitarian issues at events held around the world from Strasbourg to Washington. His other roles have included being Head of Civil Renewal for the UK Government (2003-2010); Director of the Forum for Youth Participation & Democracy at the University of Cambridge and Visiting Professor at Birkbeck, the University of London.

He blogs on 'Question the Powerful'. More about his works can be found at ‘Henry Tam: words & politics’.