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Clare Wightman

Clare Wightman

Clare is one of a passionate and talented group of people who work for a charity in Coventry and Warwickshire called Grapevine. Relationships are at the heart of their work. 

The help that charities and services give to people can be one of two things: it can be an important first step to a stronger life or it can be a revolving door. Clare has wanted to make sure that Grapevine offers the first, not the second. She believes it makes all the difference when we have people around us who can help us to get over problems, and not feel like we’re stuck on our own. But the people health and social care services see most have no one to turn to when things get tough for them. Clare's particular interest is working in a way that develops and connects networks of local people for mutual help and support.

Clare is inspired by the pioneers of citizen advocacy and those who still hold its flame in Savannah Georgia, USA. She is also inspired and sustained by the people she works with and the people Grapevine serves.

Clare likes to seek out the unexpected teacher. She likes to work people to people, without templates, policies or processes – as much as she can get away with it!