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Anna Harris

Anna Harris

Anna is passionate about making a positive contribution and working to make a difference for others. She currently works for Bournemouth People First, running their successful community connecting project, LifeLink.

Anna has worked for self-advocacy organisations for the last eleven years. She has a background in languages and has previously worked in insurance and the IT training sector. However, after a career break to raise her young children, she decided that she wanted to follow a career path that would enable her to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Anna has progressed from working just a few hours a week to being Co-Assistant Manager. As well as developing and running Bournemouth People First’s LifeLink project, Anna co-ordinates their Citizen Checker Service, and works with self-advocates to design easy read information, design and deliver training, and she supports self-advocates to speak up.

Anna’s colleagues say that she is kind and caring, good at researching information, is artistic and has an amazing attention to detail!