RSS Feeds

RSS is a system you can use to notify you when we have published a new page.

You can go to our RSS feed by clicking here: Latest Updates - this will give you a list of our latest innovations, projects and library items posted to the website.

You will also see in the address bar or most web browsers a little icon on the left-hand side, which will either say RSS or may look like the image on the left. If you click on the icon this will also show you our feed and will probably give you the option of subscribing to the RSS feed.

Another way to do this is to go to a newsreader (like iGoogle) and go to the section that lets you subscribe to news feeds. You can then add in the Centre's web address and the browser will then feed you the latest updates as they happen.

A really good explanation of RSS and what it can do to make life easier is available courtesy of Common Craft.

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