• European SDS Network

    European SDS Network

    Developing a peer support network for disability leaders and champions of citizenship and self-directed support (SDS) across Europe.

    Visit page | 1st November 2013

  • Mental Health Reform

    Mental Health Reform

    Reforming mental health services to promote peer support, personal control and greater humanity and community inclusion.

    Visit page | 28th October 2010

  • Radical Lexicon

    Radical Lexicon

    Refreshing our sense of what is really important and reclaiming words that seem to have lost their true meaning.

    Visit page | 14th October 2014

  • Restoring Power to Community

    Restoring Power to Community

    Reversing centralisation and restoring communities to a greater sense of their own capacity, creativity and authority.

    Visit page | 14th October 2013

  • Stand Up Social Work

    Stand Up Social Work

    Exploring how to get social work back to its roots in social justice, human relationships and local community change.

    Visit page | 1st December 2012

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