These are our current, possible and finished projects please get in touch with the project leader if you would like to get involved.

  • Basic Income

    Basic Income

    Advancing the case for a radical overhaul of the benefit system and the creation of a universal basic income.

    Visit page | 2nd June 2010

  • Beyond Limits

    Beyond Limits

    Research and analysis of the efforts to get people with learning disabilities home from institutional placements and ATUs

    Visit page | 14th March 2012

  • Children in Care with neurodisabilities including Autism

    Children in Care with neurodisabilities including Autism

    This is a study looking at ways to support looked-after-children with neurodisabilities including autism (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    Visit page | 11th November 2016

  • Chronic Illness & Citizenship

    Chronic Illness & Citizenship

    Catherine Hale, working with Jenny Lyus, is leading a research project to explore how people with chronic illness understand the social model.

    Visit page | 31st January 2017

  • Flexible Support & Contracting (ISFs)

    Flexible Support & Contracting (ISFs)

    Working to increase the level of trust, flexibility and innovation in support for people using health and social care services.

    Visit page | 14th October 2014

  • Keys - Citizenship for All

    Keys - Citizenship for All

    Helping people understand what citizenship really means and to ensure everyone, no matter their background, gets the chance to contribute.

    Visit page | 2nd March 2013

  • Local Area Coordination

    Local Area Coordination

    Promoting the use of Local Area Coordination as a model of support that strengthens capacity and community.

    Visit page | 10th June 2012

  • Rethinking Care

    Rethinking Care

    Challenging the commodification of care and encouraging a focus on the need for humanity, love and relationship and support based on human rights.

    Visit page | 18th March 2014

  • Supported Loving

    Supported Loving

    The aim of the Supported Loving campaign is to highlight the importance of good support in making and maintaining relationships for people who use services.

    Visit page | 22nd November 2016

  • Sustainability & Social Justice

    Sustainability & Social Justice

    The 21st Century's central challenge is to achieve sustainable ways of living and working with each other, locally and globally.

    Visit page | 1st October 2013

  • The Need for Roots

    The Need for Roots

    Exploring the deeper philosophical and spiritual roots of work to advance citizenship, inclusion and to strengthen community.

    Visit page | 15th November 2012

  • Women Centred Solutions

    Women Centred Solutions

    Encouraging the design and delivery of more effective services for women facing multiple disadvantages.

    Visit page | 15th September 2014

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